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Ranger 500

Solar Swing
Gate Opener


The Ranger series of gate operators is full of innovative design changes and is defining the next generation of low voltage DC gate operators in the industry. Introducing Quick connect harnesses for all standard components, industry first limit switch technology (patent pending), AC charger included with all operators and external reset.

Linear actuator design allows for mounting in 2 different positions making it easy to hide behind a cross member in the gate which improves the aesthetic appeal.

Ranger solar performance is exceptional and unmatched in the industry, offering up to 65 cycles per day on the standard 6 watt solar panel with a full complement of solar friendly accessories and photo eyes for safety installed.

Cutsheet Manual How To Buy
  • Proudly Made in the USA!
  • 3 year warranty on all components
  • Two 2 button remotes included
  • Pre-wired solar friendly LCR dual channel receiver
  • Solar or AC charged with solar friendly smart controller
  • Designed to operate with all types of solar friendly accessories without adding solar panels
  • Independent Gate 1 and Gate 2 sensitivity adjustments
  • Battery powered providing real battery backup and not just 1 cycle
  • Built in timer to close
  • Photo Eye Power Management (PEPM) solar friendly software
  • For residential, light commercial, farm and ranch use
  • Single or Dual gate compatible
  • Dual gate kit includes water tight junction box and wirenuts with 35 feet of cable
  • Hinged control box cover
  • Bolt on hardware kit available
  • Power Input: 
    AC or Solar Charged
    Maximum Gate Length: 
    13 Feet
    Maximum Gate Weight: 
    400 Pounds

    To locate someone that works on gates, you can use our distributor look up page. Please understand, distributors do not install or service gates. When you contact the distributor in your area, ask them to recommend a reputable install and service company in your area. The distributor is the best option because their customers are the ones who purchase, install and service our products that you own.

    You have some options. First and foremost, you need to know which product of ours that you now own. The name of the model will be on the top left hand corner of the main control board inside the box. It will read “Patriot” or “Patriot RSL” or “Ranger”. Head on over to download the manual for your specific gate operator. There is a lot of information in there that may solve your particular situation including a giant troubleshooting section in the back of the manual.

    Now, if you tried going through the manual and your gate is still not working, you may call our support line at (888) 204-0174 and we will do our best to get your situation resolved. However, before you call, please have some basic hand tools and be at your gate. We will need to get an understanding of your specific configuration as all installations are not the same. You will need to be our eyes and we may ask you do perform specific tasks. This is the quickest way to get to the bottom of your gate issue.

    US Automatic is a manufacturer of high quality gate operators and accessories. Therefore, US Automatic does not install or service the products we manufacture. Using our distributor look up page, you may contact a distributor in your area and ask them to recommend a dealer or service person to come out and look at your gate. Or, you may look in the yellow pages under “gates” or “fences”.

  • Ranger 500 Manual (for control board PN# 500510)

  • Ranger 500 Cutsheet

  • Ranger 500 Troubleshooting

  • Actuator Troubleshooting

  • Charge Controller Operation Check

  • Programming Car Transmitter To LCR Receiver

  • Wiring AAS keypad Model DKLP To All Control Boards

  • Ranger 500 Manual (for control board PN# 500500)

  • PRO 80 Assembly Procedure

  • USAutomatic, LLC provides the following warranty from date of manufacture:

    • All operators shall be free from defects in materials for a period of 3 years
    • Ranger 500 and Ranger HD control boards - current design – 3 year warranty
    • Patriot and Patriot RSL control boards - current design – 5 year warranty
    • Control boards - previous versions - 1 year warranty
    • All accessories - 1 year warranty

    This warranty excludes items that have been abused, misused, altered, incorrectly installed, damaged from battery acid, damaged by weather or other acts of God, or had lack of necessary maintenance. Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the Manufacturer will void the warranty.

    This warranty is limited to the product only, no incidental or consequential damages are covered. Charges such as field labor and trip charges to inspect or reinstall a repaired or replaced unit are not covered. Replacement of battery is not covered. This warranty also does not cover any problems with the gate or gate hardware or any consequential damages to any surrounding area of the gates.

    All warrantied products will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of the Manufacturer.
    All required parts, shop labor, and return shipping to our customer will be provided free of charge.


    If you have operational questions, or are in need of warranty service, please contact our Support Department by email at support@usautomatic.com or call 972-221-7000 Monday through Friday (or toll free at 888-204-0174).

    If your issue is not resolvable, our Service department may request the product(s) be returned for warranty service. A Return Authorization (RA#) will be issued and you will be given instructions on how and where to return the product. Packages without an RA# written on the box may not be accepted.

    We will need the following information:

    • Model
    • Serial Number**
    • Date of Purchase
    • Purchased From

    *You may have other rights based on your State. Please refer to State Law for specific inclusions and exclusions.
    **Serial Number can be found by opening operator cover and looking on the control board.

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