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Absolutely amazing. I have an OLD USAutomatic gate opener that came with my house (still works great, by the way). Twice now I've called them and needed some help. The first time I was trying to figure out if I could order just the visor clips for the gate opener remotes the past owner left. They just mailed me some free of charge. This time, I was trying to figure out the part number of the connector that goes on the actuator wiring harness, as it is beginning to show its age and sometimes loses a connection. Again, they just mailed me one, free of charge. If you need a gate opener, it's a no brainier. Go with USAutomatic.

Adam G.

When deciding to go with USA for my gate needs, they were introduced to me from a friend who had two gates with their devices for many years and could not recommend them highly enough. OK sold. Installed in 2015 I was having issues, and 3 different companies offered their three very different solutions. Realizing the board was still under warranty I called and was connected with Nick. After explaining everything to him, he said he could help me confirm if it was the board or not and we walked through adjustments and connections and after a good bit of time it now works perfectly, and we could not be more satisfied with their commitment to customer support and satisfaction!

Brett C.

Nikki is amazing, been in the business several years and she has helped many occasions. Very consistent service. Always friends and is a problem solver. I recently went into the office, twice this particular day, she brought out the books, manuals and parts to show me about the actuators. She was very informative and is a great teacher. I was so impressed with her. I’m the one always trying to wow my customers. Nikki wowed me that day. Service and quality, will always win. This was during the COVID situations. She still took time to help me and get me fixed up. And I was able to take care of my customer. We are only as good as our team and who we team up with. Thanks, Nikki.

Joe F.

Great company and great tech help. I have called a number of times and they have walked me through problems patiently and got it fixed every time. Thank you very much USAutomatic.

Billy H.

The customer service of this company is the best of any company I have ever done business with. Thank you, Nick and the rest of your staff. They were so helpful and accommodating. They took the time to test both our control board and actuator, and really just showed what a professional company and staff this is. Once again, thank you for all of your help and patience! I would most definitely recommend US Automatic!!!

C. Ross

I called technical support and was on the phone with Jonathan for over an hour. He went above and beyond to fix my problem with my over 10-year-old US automatic gate. I cannot say enough about how thorough, professional and awesome Jonathan was. Thank you very much.

Chris A.

I’ve been installing USAutomatic Patriots and RSL sliders since 1998. Never a problem with these. The only times my customers call me these days is when it’s time to change out a battery. I won’t touch another brand. In my opinion, these are the best operators out there. Thank you.

David D.

I live in Houston and have had a USAutomatic gate since 2006. Since my initial purchase, this company has provided me the best customer/technical support that I have experienced in my entire life. They are responsive, patient and unbelievably generous with their time. I never write reviews but in this one instance I feel compelled to praise exceptional customer service.

Mahvash G.

I have a Patriot I Gate Opener and the few times I have called in the past 2 years I can say without a doubt that Nick in the troubleshooting department is amazing. He helped me set it up 2 years back and I have been lucky enough to get him on other calls where I have had questions and typically with 5 min the problem is diagnosed and resolved.

Mike W.

Had my gate openers for many years now. Had a battery problem last summer they helped me diagnose. Just had another problem battery related, that Matt spent an hour on the phone helping me diagnose and correct. Unbelievable customer service in this day and age. Highly recommend

Moku H.

US Automatic is outstanding. The equipment is very high quality and durable, and the customer support is the best I have ever seen. It all begins with an actual person answering the phone, typically within a couple of rings. I needed help with my equipment after a hinge broke on the gate, and Matt walked me through all the adjustments step by step until the gate was back fully operational. Over a number of calls, he probably spent close to 2 hours on the phone with me. Beyond all my expectations.

Patricio R.

I had problems setting up my keypad but after an email and phone call with Seth Kelly he had me up and running. He was very helpful and followed up with an email to make sure all was good. In today’s world of horrible customer service, disengaged rude employees it is refreshing to know that there are still people that are sincere in helping customers.

Paul K.

Very good service. My gate opener went out of order twice in the past 7 or 8 years. Each time I called them for help, they guided me on troubleshooting the cause of the symptoms I described. Problem for the first time was fixed by myself under their instructions. The second time was not self-repairable and they gave me contact info of a few candidates so that I can contact them and select a suitable provider to fix my problem.

Sean F.

Matt and Nick were unbelievable when I ran into a programing issue with my Patriot Gate opener. I was ready to order a new main board for $300 and their incredible patience and clear instructions got me to slow down and understand that when the battery was replaced, the system went to factory presets. Too bad I did not know that before the door caught the side of my truck and scratched the paint for 4 feet. Thanks again for all your help. You guys are the model of tech support and USAutomatic should be proud of how you conduct business.


I called because my gate wasn't working after changing the battery. I called the company and reached Alayna. She did an excellent job walking me through the trouble shooting process to ID the problem. She then walked me through making the appropriate adjustments and now it's working. I thought I would be charged for sending a service tech out but not the case. What a refreshing experience.

Thomas W.
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